Enterprise Club

Enterprise Clubs are designed to support local people, particularly those who are unemployed to consider setting up and running their own business. The clubs give people, who are thinking about setting up their own business, the chance to meet, share ideas and receive expert advice and support from local business people.  They come in all shapes and sizes and each club will be unique as they will reflect the needs of their members and their community.

Meeting once a month these innovative clubs will be completely free of charge and open to everyone. Whether you’re starting a business, already up and running or just looking at the option of self employment by coming along to the Enterprise Club you’ll meet like minded individuals and gain an opportunity to network, share experiences and receive business advice all for free.

Each meeting has its own theme or topic which is nornmaly presented by an expert with the emphasis on sharing knowledge and understanding. The meeting always finish with a little bit of informal networking so it gives you a great chance to meet some new local businesses.  

CDC Enterprise Club generally runs on the last Friday of every month from 1-3pm.

To find out about our next Enterprise Club event call 0191 389 2648