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Alyson Upton and Joanne Cook - Uplift Associates Ltd

Alyson Upton and Joanne Cook - Uplift Associates Ltd

We contacted CDC for help and support in setting up our business. It was a new arena we were exploring (running a business) and we felt we needed all the help and support we could get.

Michael Harriot was the Business Coach we met, both of us were extremely happy with the advice given on our first visit. Michael gave us contacts for funding, network events and instructions of what our next steps could be.

On numerous occasions we contacted Michael asking for his professional advice relating to sales, back accounts, insurances and the current market for our product. Amongst answering all our queries Michael also mentored us through rough patches when funding bids we submitted had been turned down……his main message was to be persistent and try other avenues.

We both would highly recommend the services of CDC and found the support well needed. Any new businesses we come across we always pass on the details